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AVANT MODELS®️ is a leader in talent discovery and model and management. It was founded by Gosia Leitner in 2006 who believed models could be managed the same way as actresses and other entertainers and that their popularity could be leveraged into strong personal brands beyond the face on the cover or or body. The stability and depth of experience of Avant management team has allowed the agency to stand out in the business for over a decade.
AVANT’s major success has been built on the following mission: help fulfill the highest, truest expression of yourself. Following it’s mission in 2015 Avant School was founded. It helps young women grow and make their dreams happen while in a balanced, healthy and environment that they learn how to create for themselves.
AVANT MODELS impressive roster of talents includes fashion icons Kasia Struss, Anna Jagodzińska, Sasha Luss, Simona Kust, Kris Grikaite, Karolina Pisarek, Sandra Kubicka, swimmsuit model Joanna Krupa and many others.